April 08, 2007


Not the stuff a bag of vegetables is made of. Off the topic, i'm carrying some home these days. And i hate them too, you know they can clog drains and choke animals trying to peek and bite!

I, however, choked on a lot of other plastic tonight. Here's some.

Plastic smiles, gave away the lovely faces and hot bodies. Oh, i've been watching a premier fashion pageant for the last 3 hours, excuse me. And the models had a trainer each for dance, diction, grooming, hair, nutrition, skin, walk, yoga; ughh, i missed some. And of course, smile - lips 7.68 mm apart with 4.36 mm and 3.32 mm of lower and upper teeth visible respectively. Heads tilted 8 degrees from the vertical as they walked. Should stop here, i love you all. Anyway, you did what you were told to, starry eyed for that moment of glory (Words Courtesy: Moana Sing, jessi koi nai). But may be the organisers could select 25 unmarried Indian girls between 18-25 years and taller than 5'7" who set the ramp on fire without being turned into (plastic) clones of each other, so much for individuality!

A Page 3 Bandar(kar) staring (plastically) at the contestants, did he see a potential Pretty Jain there?

Repeated (plastic) announcements of the 'host n dost' that i'm watching the show live, and when the pre(SET) channel took one of its 10 minutes commercial break, turned on some news that showed the winners in their moment of glory (Words Courtesy: Moana Sing, jessi koi nai). By the way 'host n dost' sir, your humor was stale. Did it go down the drain that was clogged by plastic?

Ladies, i had a wonderful night, i love you all!

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