March 29, 2007

Reservation Speak

Never exploited.. never seen them get exploited... why should i bear the brunt of their "upliftment"!! Says an ignorant brat with a profoundly constrained perspective.

I have friends from The Categories. Seemingly normal men and women who have been the same as their unreserved mates for long, actually excelled the latter on many occasions... sometimes without the benefit of Affirmative Action, denied by choice. Being discriminated against, ever, is the last charge they'd lay on anyone; even as most could not resist the freebies doled out to them. None would say they were not given The opportunity.

May be i'm talking about a limited set of people - shunned on caste, but annointed by birth to assured non-deprivation - the so called creamy layer. Not by definition, but then these are my peers, peers of a brahmin, must be the cream of their kind!!

Widen the scope, strip things down to what they are, and we're talking about a cascading effect. Primary to middle to high schools, graduation, postgrad, maybe jobs et al.
Last year I was at AIIMS, medical students of 5 colleges relentlessly protested against reservation. I saw people faint of not eating for days, i saw others fill in their places right away. Their sole cause was that students should not be given special status in postgrad since they already benefitted from reservation during graduation.
If someone gets good elementary education owing to her reserved status, isn't she equipped enough to set ahead on her own, given financial worthiness?
For people who still ask for it at every stage, is backwardness a shining mark on your foreheads? Would you rather get rid of it, or it makes you proud?

That reminds me of the basis of reservation as per Indian constitution. It's social, rather than economic; assumption - a backward is a backward, culturally, monetarily. This equation between social and economic levels is dynamic in the present context, has not been looked at as such.

If you increase the quota at IIMs, how many people can really avail it? The next step you would want to take is initiate the CAT in local languages!!!
I wouldn't oppose affirmative action where it's actually needed. A lot of children miss out on education as it truly is, owing to their economic, geographic, social strata. This needs proactive reform.

Stratifying a society, casteism, is as disturbing as racism. It will restrain India from emerging as a nation forever.

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Shreya said...

i hope people start thinking on your lines...really inspiring.