May 11, 2007


Move over American Beauty and other narratives of dysfunctional societies, we have our very own Metro now.

Did you ever try that horse-ride in a sehra into a mumbai local station?

How about a 38 year old virgin who looks at a 30 year old virgin at the 'wrong' place, says he did so because he'd never properly touched a girl in all those 38 years. She rejects him because of that, by the way.

A career focussed guy twiches when the object of his affection sleeps with his boss in his flat (pardon the confusion about the male pronoun and watch the movie for clarification, at your own risk of course), but backs the boss. Promotions and venture funding are more important. Suddenly has pangs of conscience, doesn't mind the no money and no work, goes after the girl. Coincidentally, the girl realises she's found true love in him at the same time.

The wife feels so sorry that she almost slept with another man, while the husband has been fucking around without regrets.

A bunch of guys with heads full of hair break into song and guitar routines out of nowhere. I take a personal objection to that, and the hair. (the songs complement the movie's moods, true, but there are just tooo many of them)

(the scenes above are introduced in a random order, to let some interest remain in the movie)

actually makes for a good watch till the intermission. Beyond that, somethings go awefully wrong. You can see the movie wane, and what i mention below characterises the nadir.

Irrfan Khan conveniently walks out of his marriage to be; while Shilpa chooses to stay in a practically nonexistent wedlock, a bastard husband notwithstanding. So much for chauvinism! Feminist talk? Naah, i'm a plain individualist. But following one's heart doesn't mean stampeding on others'.

Mr. Anurag Basu, you got the idea just right. Stray stories, however, do not always interweave seamlessly. And when you try to force them together, they do not forge into an urban classic.

May 01, 2007

The Dilemma

i've learned the hard way, and i'll be damned if i leave myself vulnerable again
yet, the truth is i'll be damned if i don't