April 08, 2006

The Moot Point

2.50 am.. felt kinda low..

had been chattin with a good old friend on Yahoo... told him... excerpt -

dd: why low ?
dd: best B school
dd: good internship
dd: so many bandis
dd: aur kya chahiye
dd: #-o
me: koi bandi nahi abhi
me: nyway thats not the moot point..
me: the moot point is futility
me: absolute futility
me: dont u feel sometimes that life's driving u rather than u driving life!!
me: n that too life drives u by its own whims
me: i've been resisting it.. successfully to quite an extent
me: par kabhi kabhi lagta hai.. thak gaya hoon...
me: everything around seems empty.. an illusion..
me: its like living in the matrix

life's not an ordeal.. at all...
but its inherent simplicity is often lost in a din created by a certain myopia.. which makes an entity seem more intricate than it is.. n then the noise is all pervasive.. you never realise how simple things are... turns into a vicious circle.. and you never realise how simple life was... ever
that is THE MATRIX

and people lookin at things from a different, somewhat complicated, perspective often affect me as well.. cause some heartburn.. but i chose them to be a part of my life. and the cheer they bring to it more than makes up for everything

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