November 05, 2010

The Journey... Prologue

“Of course I want you to go, it’s a great move!”

‘You’re more important…’

“I’ll try my best to come, I told you”

‘Yeah, Delhi should be better for you too. Work… Music… everything.’

They went to Dakshineshwar, a Kali temple near Kolkata. He prayed for togetherness. Thought she did the same. Her eyes said it… Sad eyes. He didn’t want to leave. But she’d be with him soon…

That night, Raunak Basu came to Delhi.


“You mean nothing to me”

Two weeks of trying to understand what that meant. She picked up her phone a few times, spoke in fewer words.

“I’m going to Patna for a while. Will speak to you tomorrow when I reach.”

Waited for it… Three days, four, maybe.

Hey number aata vyast aahe, thode nantar call kara (This number is presently busy. Please call after some time.)

She was in Mumbai… Why didn’t she tell him?

He called her more than a hundred times that day. She answered once…

“Ron, it’s none of your business. I don’t want to talk to you right now”

Didn’t see where this came from. Felt cheated and flawed, alternately.

More calls in vain… Vanity, expecting her to pick up…

“Must be cursing me for what I’m doing to you. Are you happy now that I’m crying here alone in misery?”

That one sms made Ron forget all his woes and think of hers.

“Look, it’s nothing. Said it just like that. I’m working with a production house here. I’ll call you tomorrow, low on balance!” And switched off her phone.


Anonymous said...

Touchy one....

Wat happens next??

I wish Ron comes out as a winner, watever b the situation!!


Anonymous said...

i know this story....
i know ron too....
he is dear to me
hope the lady understands the same....
ron is ideal for her...
she should make her choice in his favour

maverick said...

fictitious characters... attempting a novella that'll combine some stories, some experiences, and a lot of imagination... lots to come!