April 27, 2007

Deserving Philosophy

'If a girl has to stay, she will. Or i'd take it she didn't deserve me'

Survival instincts rightly say one should live this philosophy..
But what does he do of all he loves her with, which is his 'everything'.. and the conviction that she deserves every bit of the love!!

And what if she fell in love first.. rocking his world, giving a long lost hope, spoiling him?... never mind!


Bellona-Lady of War said...

Survival Instincts also say that when u let someone rock ur world, you reveal ur vulnerability!
..and that, my friend, is the first step towards the grave.

maverick said...

there's nothing wrong in being vulnerable, some people are worth it!

Anonymous said...

i dnt think they are worthy of the thingz which is given to them by someone else....

maverick said...

there are things we make and take, then there are things we give and things we get!
i might as well agree to you if i knew who you are ;)